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Big Trouble in North Korea

Kim Jong-Il & son Kim Jong-Un

We'll get those capitalist running dogs after Splash Mountain.

Most people tend to conveniently forget that the Korean War is not over.

Of course some people don’t know the difference between North & South.

Treaties were signed, but technically the peace that exists on the Korean Peninsula is a cease-fire. This lingering cold war vestige that pits communist North Korea (and China) against South Korea revives the ghosts of the “domino theory,” “encirclement,” and “communist expansion.” American aircraft carriers are in the area performing exercises and China is indicating that it is annoyed with both the United States for being in it’s sphere of influence and with North Korea for bringing the Americans there in the first place.

China and the United States are experiencing heightened tensions over economic and trade policies and this recent dust-up is only exacerbating the tensions between the two countries.

To add another wrinkle to the equation, North Korea is nuclear capable. Nuclear capable with a unproven four star general in Kim Jong-Il‘s son Kim Jong-Un.

The convential wisdom of nuclear deterrence through mutually assured destruction only works when one of the parties has something to lose.  North Korea may actually use a nuclear weapon on South Korea, Japan or maybe even China.

Unpredictability just might be North Korea’s only true asset. Hopefully China and the USA can see eye-to-eye and come up with a reasonable solution to the Korean conflict. Like ending it and admitting that North Korea is a failed state with a rather comical mega-maniacal leader.

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  1. North Korea’s time is coming. China is starting to get bored with them. It is only a matter of time

  2. “You are worthress, Arec Barrwin!”

    But seriously, I hope China pulls their collective heads out of their @$$#$ and actually does something. And I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

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